about-leftReturning to the village of Uki for its fifth year, Spoonies offers tuition in spoon carving from Master Carver, Bob Howard. Numbers are limited, so get in quick.

Beginners will be offered an understanding of wood working techniques and tools. Fashioning a spoon from wood requires a variety of techniques, acquired through a known and simple design. The expression of shape and style can grow with your knowledge and natural creativity. At Spoonies you will be provided with tools, protective gloves and prepared “spoon blanks”. Under Bob Howard’s instruction, you will learn to understand your tools and will indeed carve a spoon, … at least one. You can present them in the Spoonies gallery, and take them home.

For experienced carvers – the Artisan’s Challenge has grown in stature since it first featured at Spoonies 2015 and we  also invite our experienced carvers to exhibit a piece of work at our Spoonies Gallery.

New carvers and seasoned woodworkers alike are always keen to see what our artisans have created. As we approach our Spoonies date, Master craftsman, Bob Howard will design an Artisan’s Challenge to  give carvers an opportunity to explore specialist techniques and creativity and fashion a unique artwork. Your Artisan’s Challenge piece may be started before the event, but must be completed over the weekend. We want to encourage you to enter your specialist piece and participate in the weekend carving activities.