Hosted in a 40 hectare property 4km out of the village of Uki, Spoonies offers you a true escape. A proud off-the-grid property, the home of “Spoonies” will surprise you with its features. Crossing a creek upon entry, you will instantly relax among the blissful pastures and rainforest gullies. You will breathe deeper and easier in the Uki air.

The greenery of historic Uki shelters under the constant gaze of an ancient landmark, Mount Warning. The energy of this extinct volcano and its surrounding caldera fill the Tweed Valley with a special hum. This wonderland is at its best in October – the earliest awakenings of summer bringing bright days and moderate nights.

Spoon carving activities take place in the open air, enjoying the cool of the creek, the multitude of birdlife, and maybe even hearing the scurry of a nearby goanna. Conversations spark in the relaxation and friendships are forged.

The property offers camping grounds for those happy to enjoy the full experience, although there are numerous accommodation options nearby, ranging from 5 star eco-resorts to B&Bs and Murwillumbah motels.

P.S. U-ki rhymes with blue sky – no coincidences there.